Furniture for bank headquarters

Banks are in a process of reinvention in many ways. On the one hand they are looking to reinvent branches and create new ways to win customers. On the other hand, however, they want maximum functionality for their headquarters.
They affirm that spaces must be adapted to the processes, to the tasks to be carried out and they are aware that well projected can be crucial when it comes to increasing productivity and retaining talent. Thus, we see that office design is not something trivial or merely aesthetic, but is increasingly taken into account for the benefits it brings both to the image of the company, as to the happiness of the worker.

Aridi knows it well. The brand has been working for years with several bank interior design teams. Together they have collaborated for a long time to see how trends have evolved in terms of layout, materials, styles or finishes of workspaces.

The latest proposal follows very clear aesthetic guidelines. A simple and functional design, without artifice or adornments. Straight lines, clean spaces and predominance of white. The K2 collection meets all the requirements, providing austerity in space while guaranteeing the desired functionality. Tables with closed feet have textile dividers that are used to gain privacy and at the same time to be able to personalize with personal documents.
The wardrobes at the top of the work areas have an integrated handle looking for these details, that the furniture look in all its splendor.

The proposal shown here was the winner of the contest that convened the entity to decide the furniture of the different headquarters of the group in: Brazil, United States, Mexico, Argentina and Chile. Without a doubt, it represented one of the most global and challenging projects for Aridi, responding to demanding deadlines, without forgetting the quality of the firm.