ORGATEC 2018, the working world of the future

ORGATEC 2018, the working world of the future

From October 23 to 27, Cologne became the global epicenter of office equipment. The ORGATEC International Fair opened its doors again after two long years of waiting. A meeting that serves as inspiration and motivation for all brands in the sector. The best international exhibitors show the latest trends and innovations.


Once again it was a success. The German fair reached record figures with more than 55,000 people from 118 countries. It is an unmissable event for the most outstanding professionals in the sector, architects, interior designers, designers and manufacturers. And it is that, ORGATEC, offers an almost complete vision of the world of furniture and the working environments of the future.


What kind of environment will the future work culture need? With a central theme such as “culture @ work”, ORGATEC 2018 presented us visionary concepts for the whole world of work. After all, only through a culture that promotes diversity, collaboration, motivation and trust; humans are inspired to work creatively and free so that our ideas can flourish.


We took this opportunity to contrastthe latest trends in the sector. Besides that, we also take the opportunity to explain our news to our clients and prescribers. The most outstanding is the expansion of the WO collection, with the development of operational solutions focused on responding to the new needs of coworking spaces.

What is coworking?

Coworking is often associated with the terms: collaborative, pleasant and shared. Giving an exact definition would be too restrictive. It is a practice that spread very fast among US freelancers. Since a few years ago, it began to expand in Europe and Spain.


The new generations no longer want to spend their working hours with noises of photocopiers and disordered and unpersonal places.


Coworking has become a true model of work. It not only attracts new or independent companies, but also large business groups. For this reason, our Wo series grows with an extensive range of solutions specially created to facilitate this coworking environment that is already revolutionizing the working world and that has come to stay.