Aire Series

Can you imagine working in an office that gives you the same comfort and warmth as your home? This is the guiding principle behind the creation of the Aire line: furniture which is flexible and multi-functional while also transmitting a sense of wellbeing, order, balance and serenity. A subtle, elegant design, which diffuses the concept of office furniture to transform it into pure sensation.

In addition, Aire furniture is designed to fit into and adapt easily to any situation. Mobilise your office, rearrange desks and screens, create dividing walls with the cabinets, the possibilities are endless. Aire makes it easy for you to make your workplace a comfortable, positive environment in which to discuss, create or make decisions.

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Sobres de mesa Aire


Different sizes, a variety of fittings and configurations, and four distinct finishes for Aire desktops: light oak, wenge, white melamine and opaque glass.

tipos de pie Aire


The Aire line gives you a choice of two table supports: either with one side closed in wood or with the bare structure of the stainless steel frame. Two options that provide subtle variations to the general appearance of the office.

separadores Aire


The Aire screens opt for the subtlety of translucent fabric to delineate effective separate spaces which also let light and air through, transmitting a sense of liberty.

accesorios Aire


Panels, under-the-desk cabling raceways, CPU stands, etc. The Aire accessory range makes organisation and office life easier.

librerías Aire


Aire offers a light, open shelving system. With stainless steel shelves and an open design, choose from plastic canvas, wood or other materials to personalise the working environment.

armarios Aire


The modular system of Aire cabinets allows for combinations of different heights and finishes; you can even create dividing walls to delineate separate workspaces.

complementos Aire


Pedestal boxes, conference tables of different shapes and sizes, counters or even reception areas. The complementary furniture in the Aire range adds the finishing touch for a perfect office.