K2 Series

A return to the schematic. This is the philosophy behind Gabriel Teixido’s line of furniture with an impressive design that simplifies, preserving only the essential. K2 is designed to create a free, light workspace, which can be rearranged into infinite combinations of desks, screens, shelving, cabinets and accessories. Whatever the configuration and organisation of the office, there is still a sense of harmony and order.

Discover the flexibility and functionality of K2 and let the furniture adapt to your needs.

Residential K2

Designed for workspaces, the K2 series adapts equally to the home office, creating a comfortable place to work in your home since its design combines in domestic environments. The most homelike version of K2 adds the wood finish on the legs, contrasting with the tabletop.

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sobres de mesa k2


The K2 desktops are designed to offer a firm, spacious working surface. Designed with straight edges, they are manufactured in white oak, stratified, lacquers or opaque glass in white and black.

tipos de pie k2


Open leg painted in white or black or closed leg with a rounded edge. Both provide perfect stability and space to work comfortably. The choice is yours.

accesorios k2


Move and delineate workstations and spaces with absolute freedom. The K2 screens are easy to install or remove while the complete range of colours and finishes provide style and additional functionality.

librerías k2


Be surprised by the artistry of the K2 shelves. Warm, dynamic shelving with adjustable intermediate dividers so you can personalise the work environment, making it fun and eminently practical.

armarios k2


The K2 cabinets are designed to offer maximum storage, optimising the workspace to the utmost. That is why they have been created as a completely modular system, meaning you can combine different heights and compositions at a whim, or even use them as a desk support.

Complementos k2


Organise your space down to the last detail with the K2 accessories. Auxiliary furniture such as pedestal boxes, conference tables or panels for workstations open to the public: the perfect complement to any professional workplace