K3 Series

Analysing and synthesising, maintaining character. This central idea is the basis for the design of the K3 line. Essential, uncomplicated furniture which is as solid as it is elegant, and capable of responding to the challenges of today’s office environment.
K3 adapts to each space thanks to its multi-functional modular structure, which allows for fantastic flexibility in combining desks, cabinets, shelving and auxiliary furniture. Delineating workspaces is equally quick and simple with the removable screens. Finished in plastic canvas with a variety of colours, wood or even with a corkboard or whiteboard so you can write or draw on them, the screens organise and personalise each workstation to each individual’s tastes.

The best thing? The design of each piece in the K3 line is created so that the whole always maintains an elegant, balanced style. However you arrange your workspace, K3 always adapts to meet your needs.

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sobres de mesa k3


The desks in the K3 range stand out because of their desktops with black bevelled edges, a delicate design which gives your working space a light, unencumbered appearance. They are manufactured in wood and white or black stratified.

tipos de pie k3


Manufactured in stainless steel with a light, closed and rounded design, in keeping with the synthetic style of K3. The metallic shine gives the work environment character while the minimalist design facilitates movement and comfort.

separadores k3


Under-the-desk cabling systems to give an orderly appearance without clutter and providing access to sockets from each desk. The K3 accessories range is designed to facilitate office organisation at every level.

accesorios k3


Sistemas de electrificación bajo las mesas para una imagen ordenada sin marañas de cables, accesos a enchufes desde la misma mesa… la gama de accesorios K3 está pensada para facilitar la organización en la oficina a todos los niveles.

librerías k3


The K3 shelves have an original, fun system of adjustable dividers to personalise the work environment and facilitate both sightlines and access to the books from different working spaces.

armarios k3


A cabinet collection that you can easily assemble and organise according to your needs, giving flexibility when there are any changes in the office. However you arrange them, they always fit seamlessly into the workspace.

Mesas de Reunión


K3 offers a collection of conference tables in different shapes and sizes, along with practical pedestal boxes or desk panels. All with the beautifully simple design that characterises the range.