Wo Series

Wo is the most schematic collection from Gabriel Teixidó. A line of furniture which eliminates every inch which is not absolutely essential. An impressively simple design, as if the designer’s lines on the paper have magically materialised onto supports with a pure steel structure.

Wo is a collection which goes much further than the classic office, decorating every space from home offices to large shared areas. Its complete organisational flexibility along with its wide range of colours and finishes allow you to create a variety of working environments: cooler, warmer, more serious, more fun, and so on. All of them, though, transmit a unique, original style which leaves nobody indifferent.


The Wo collection is adapted for its ergonomics, flexibility and modular furniture to the shared workspaces. A coworking space is a dynamic place, where synergies boost, and exchanging ideas and interaction is a must. However, we  can’t forget the need for calm and privacy in certain tasks. That’s why, the Wo series is expanded with a variety of accessories such as: screens, dividers and partitions adding a decorative touch to functional furniture.

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sobres de mesa de Wo


The Wo desktops are sturdy with angular edges and come in wood or white and black melamine, offering generous, solid surfaces to work on.

tipos de pie de Wo


The Wo supports are pure, schematic steel structures, which can be finished either to match the desktop or in a colour which creates the desired contrast.

Accesorios Wo


Everything from a desk blotter to a pedestal box, from a comfortable bench to a desktop shelf. Wo accessories make organisation and office work easier.

Armarios y librerías Wo

Cabinets and Shelving

Infinite combinations of cabinets and shelving in airy metal structures with a wide range of finishes for functional and truly unique spaces.

Mesas de reunión Wo

Conference Tables

Long conference tables reduced to their minimum expression: a large surface to work on and interior legs for the attendees’ maximum comfort