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Amadeu Rius
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Carmen Falguera
Gabriel Teixidó
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Gabriel Teixidó

“I don’t know what makes a project successful. What I am sure of is that if you try to make everybody like it, nobody ends up liking it”.
Teixidó is the creative mind behind Aridi’s furniture collections. An industrial designer of international prestige, as well as having taught at the Escola de Disseny i Art (EINA), he has worked and continues to work with companies of the stature of Axa International, Shetug, Disform, and Expo Sevilla 92.
His creations, in addition to a singular, different and innovative design, have an almost magical element: they transmit sensations. Of order, harmony and balance, good taste, space and comfort. Of freedom. Which is what is needed in a working environment for work to flow.

Our furniture is already distributed all over the world.

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